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  • Application: Body
  • Standard Voltage: NONE
  • Material: Other


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This Manual Body Massage Roller is excellent for reducing pain in the upper back, shoulders, legs, feet, neck, chest, and arms. You can use it in conjunction with massage oils or lotions. It is ideal for professional or home uses. It can be used for light or deep massage after a long day to help eliminate muscle fatigue and relieve stress. This massage ball can roll 360 degrees so that you can easily put it on the painting areas and glide it in any direction you want.

This Full Body Relaxation Balls Massager is a great way to improve blood circulation. Good circulation brings the oxygen-rich blood they need to heal to damaged and tense muscles. This Muscle Body Massager has made of high-quality resin that is durable and long-lasting. You can use it to reduce the energy used to massage yourself or someone else.

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Muscle Relaxation Balls Body Massager