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  • Material: Composite 
  • Application: Body
  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation




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Our Electric Massage Pillow is ergonomically designed to blend with the contours of different parts of the body. It alleviates neck pain, back pain, foot pain, shoulder pain, leg pain, and even full-body pain and tight muscles. Infrared Heating Neck Pillow is suitable for human body temperature with overheating protection and 15-minute automatic shutdown safety feature, can prevent low-temperature burns, and help back massager deep tissue massage and neck to improve blood circulation.

This Body massage pillow mimics the deep kneading and penetration of a professional massage therapist works on your whole body, lower back massager suitable for massaging back, neck, shoulders, belly, calf, thigh, foot. It provides a deep rhythmic massage to soothe sore, tight, and knotted muscles from neck to toe. With this elastic strap, you can secure the gift neck massager to your chair, giving you a specific deep tissue neck and back massage.

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Infrared Heating Neck Pillow