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  • Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
  • Application: Body
  • Material: Composite Material
  • Size: Medium,  X-Large,  Small, Multi Size SML, Large


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The Smart Fitness Muscle Stimulator can effectively shape your muscles, release pressure, and strengthen muscles without exercise. Besides shaping the shape of buttocks, waists, and thighs, this muscle trainer also reduces muscle pain and creates a massage effect.

This Portable Wireless Fitness Muscle Stimulator healthy exercise technology uses a bionic microcurrent to design six modes and ten intensity levels. It can choose different settings and intensities to meet the muscle training effect you need. Ten alternative hydrogels are provided free of charge. With EMS technology, signals are directly sent to the muscles by electricity and promote muscle movement.

Our EMS muscle trainer is ultra-light, ultra-thin, wearable, and easy to carry. It is possible to wear ABS muscle trainers under clothes unobtrusively. It is perfectly suitable for muscle training during reading, watching movies, doing housework, and even during business or leisure.

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6pack 3in1 5Gel, 8 pack ABS Hip, 8pack 3in1 5Ge l 8Pack 3in1-Pink, 6 pack ABS Hip, 8Pack 3in1 Hip 5Gel, 8Pack 3in1and Hip-Pk, 8 pack ABS, 6Pack 3in1 Hip 5Gel, Hip and 1Gel, 6 pack ABS, 8pack 3in1, 6pack 3in1, 8Pack 3in1and Hip, 6Pack 3in1 and Hip


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EMS Wireless Smart Muscle Stimulator