September 25, 2018

The way to Operate the particular Inogen A single

Learn how to begin using the particular Inogen A single portable o2 concentrator.
The Inogen You need to be put in a properly ventilated location. The oxygen intake and also exhaust will need to have clear accessibility. Make positive you spot the Inogen One in a way that it is possible to hear virtually any alarms.

Open the particular battery front door and put the Inogen A single Battery with all the handle with the battery upwards and media firmly to be sure the battery is at the appropriate position. Following your battery will be installed and also close the particular battery front door.

Plug the particular Inogen One in to a AC Power supply. Connect the particular AC Power cord to the particular AC Power supply. Connect the particular AC Power supply to the particular Inogen A single. Once it really is plugged inside, a beep can sound.

Connect the particular nasal tubbing for the nozzle appropriate. The nozzle fitting is found next for the handle with the Inogen A single. Use just a single lumen cannula using a length regarding 7 toes or a smaller amount.

Turn around the Inogen simply by pressing the particular ON/OFF option. A individual short beep can sound following your Inogen emblem is exhibited. “Please Wait” will be while the particular connector starts up. The exhibit will reveal the picked flow establishing and strength condition. Following start-up, the Inogen could have a heat up period around 30 moments. During now period the particular oxygen concentrator will be building, but may well not have attained specification. Nonetheless, the Inogen can and may be employed immediately. Additional heat up time could be needed if the Inogen continues to be stored inside cold temperature ranges.
Position the particular nasal cannula on your own face and also breathe by means of your nostril.

The Inogen can sense the particular onset regarding inhalation and also deliver any burst regarding oxygen with a precise time once you inhale. It can sense each and every breathe and always deliver oxygen this way. As the breathing fee changes, the Inogen A single will perception these adjustments and supply oxygen only when you need that. At instances, if an individual inhale rapidly between breaths the particular Inogen may well ignore one of many breaths, giving the looks of any missed inhale and exhale. This could be normal because the Inogen feelings and displays the changes within your breathing routine. The Inogen can normally sense another breathe and also deliver o2 accordingly. A environmentally friendly light can flash whenever a breath will be detected. Ensure the nose cannula will be properly aligned on your own face along with your breathing even though your nostril.